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NOM DE FICHIER The Bluecoats Tome 5.pdf
ISBN 9781849181082
AUTEUR Willy Lambil
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DESCRIPTION - The Bluecoats - tome 5 Rumberley (05) - Cauvin ...

The bluecoats Tome 05 : The Bluecoats - tome 5 Rumberley (Bande dessinée - broché) Tome 05. The bluecoats Willy Lambil Raoul Cauvin Willy Lambil Raoul Cauvin. Fêtes des mères -15%. 13. 50 15. 90. ARTISTES DU MÊME UNIVERS Autour de Willy Lambil. Raoul Cauvin Zidrou José Luis Munuera ...

Left behind with the wounded, Blutch and Chesterfield mustdefend their fellow Union soldiers against Southern troops...and civilians ! Alter an even bloodier battle than usual, theUnion Army is out of men. But so are the Confederates, andGeneral Alexander decides to retreat and corne back withreinforcements before the enemy can do the saure. To movefaster, he leaves his wounded, including Stark andChesterfield, behind in the nearby town of Rumberley, in thecare of its inhabitants and Corporal Blutch. But Rumberley's aRebel village... "The slapstick comedy of errors is done reallywell, the wordplay is clever and silly at the same time. Andadd in those clever touches and repeated motifs and it getsbetter." Richard Bruton, Forbidden Planet International Blog
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The Bluecoats - Tome 10 - The Blues in black and white - Raoul Cauvin - After another long day of charging, Blutch and Chesterfield make the acquaintance of Matthew Brady, a professional photographer dispatched by President Lincoln to document the ongoing historic struggle. Photography, still a new invention, together with Brady's talent for capturing the moment, are met with great ...