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NOM DE FICHIER Truly, Wildly, Deeply.pdf
ISBN 9781408879740
AUTEUR Jenny McLachlan
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Truly, Wildly, Deeply is a Wuthering Heights fuelled love story that will sweep you away. Warm, strong, likeable characters and a girl who has battled prejudice and for the right be seen for the girl she is rather than her disability. Fab was wonderful; a lovely, unique teenager who is drawn to Annie and I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know the both of them and following their journey as they ...

Annie is starting college and she can't wait for the adventure to begin. No more being told what to do. No more rules. No more labels. As a teenager with cerebral palsy, independence matters more than anything to Annie. The last thing she's looking for is romance. Fab is starting college too. He's wild and energetic and he believes that the greatest adventure in life is falling in love. He's left his home in Poland and he feels adrift in the world. The one thing he's looking for is romance. What will happen when Fab and Annie meet ? Will either of them find what they are truly looking for ?
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Truly Wildly Deeply is the story of Annie and Fab and I just loved their story from the first page. Annie is a teenage girl who has just started college. For Annie is this the first taste of freedom for her as she has to commute alone and make new friends at a college where she doesn't know anyone. The anticipation and excitment of this new beginning was evident from the start and it was ...